January 08, 2010

Introduction 2010

I want to start fresh with a new blog.I had a tumblr, but that one was more for pictures.
I'm trying to make it more personal with my own pictures and stuff with this blog.

I wanted ''ohmaygod'' as blog name, but that was already taken.
All my other tries failed.
3 years ago someone called me: ''OHMAYGOD'' and that's a word what I often say.
So that became like my nickname.

I'm 18 and I'm styding Communication Digital Media at Hogeschool Rotterdam.
I want to work at a magazine (online) or something involves with fashion.

I will post just the random things like all the other 12890470280 blogs in this world.

Well, I hope you like it and if you got any questions you can ask them on my formspring

oh, and i am truly madly deeply in love.

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