January 22, 2010

I wanted you before I even knew you existed

I got a thing for stars, skies, air, animals, things -in print-
somehow yesterday night I was thinking about my blog background and thought by myself:''I want a stars-printed t-shirt''.
Not like stars that you draw, but REAL stars.

So I was just chillin' on my bed attempting to do some learning,
but I was playing with my IPhone again.
I was looking through the ZARA app wich shows their new collections and stuff.

Today I went into the city of Rotterdam again,
and I saw a nice black tregging. But yeah, no money. maybe tomorrow..


I was looking through their LOOKBOOK and then I SAW A STARS-PRINTED T-SHIRT,
so I emmediatly went out bed and looked online.
But now a thing is... this was their lookbook of november 2009 T____T

well, if you see somewhere online a t-shirt like that, tell me!

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