January 15, 2010

Street meet Geek?

You might have heard this already about the collaboration of Adidas Originals and Star Wars. Street meet geek?
I have seen some shoes of the collection, it's okay :)
More boys stuff though.. but WHO CARES. I love wearing boys things
Here is the video that came out yesterday

adidas Originals is kicking off 2010 by welcoming you to the neighborhood, the street where originality comes to life as artists, athletes, and celebs celebrate their style. Everyones invited to our street corner along with some special guests, who traveled from a galaxy far, far away to launch a years worth of celebrations.

Sorry I forgot to post the shoes. here you go Tan!
Some of the shoes I do like, for more you can find it here

-This one is totally geeky. Somehow I do like it. If you can combinate it good, then you got a killer look-

Of course there are some clothing too:


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