February 22, 2010

From Cobra Starship to Dead By Sunrise.


Oh men, it's like 2:18 but I NEED TO BLOG.
I got so much to write down (so if you don't want to read it, go away :D)

So, today I went to the Cobra Starship concert @ Amsterdam with my friends.

Start it off
We started good to arrive at 19.00, but there was a long row. When we were at the doors, we saw that there were 2 doors.
One for the Cobra concert and the other one for Dead By Sunrise.
I flipped, cause it reminded me of my boyfriend. He likes them or whatever hihi.

There was no line for Cobra Starship -fail no1-. We came in and headed for the concert hall.
Thank God it was a small concert room (not that Cobra Starship doesn't deserve to perform at big stages).
We walked to the left on the side and BAM: front place(okay not really 1 girl in front of me). We made some pictures first -next blogpost-.

We waited for the show to start and there was a dutch support act called: 'Diesel Disko'. They were pretty okay -nice guitarplayer-.

After that we had to wait for Cobra Starship and then at 21.10 something it started.
The show overall was amazing. They were really good performing live. Because they performed at a small concert room, it was a more 'personal' concert. More talking and having fun with the crowd.

That comes to the story that some girls wanted to get on stage, but the security guy was like: no! no! and then Gabe (the lovely singer) told him like; just let them go up. SO MY CHANCE TO GET UP TOO. People were helping me to get up on stage and when I was on stage the security guy told me that it there were enough girls already on stage (pfff just 3 idiot) -fail no2-
Well, too bad. I did got really in front and I signed with the Guitarist Ryland. I asked him for his guitar pick, but he forgot to give it. (tsss xD)

The Bass player Alex came by and grabbed some hands (yeah mine too haha!). He had an AWESOME bass guitar.. one with a Chanel logo on it.

The concert was really cool and I really enjoyed it. I was of course pissed off about me not getting on stage with them, but I hope I got more luck next time!

After The Cobra Concert
After that we went outside and I saw little groups of people at a tourbus. I was wondering why they stood there. I asked a girl where they were waiting for and she was like: ''ehm i'm waiting for my parents'' and I was like: ''ehh yeah ok.''

Me and my friend Mai are curious people, so we did not stop asking. We went on the front of the tourbus and I asked a guy where he was waiting for. He told me that he was 'Hopefully waiting for Dead By Sunrise'. I asked him how the concert was and that my boyfriend likes that band(and that he might kill me if I saw them ha-ha I hope not oli <3)
I emmediatly asked another friend to stay for a while, cause I wanted to spot them and maybe get some pictures.

So there came a blond guy. Mai was already taking pictures and I was flippin' and asking who that was haha. Luckely people were really niceand not like: 'Go away you noob'. It was the bassist of the band.
I of course called my bf to tell em that I just saw the bass player.

We waited for a while and after a while the drummer came out. He was such a nice guy!
I asked him to sign my paper. See the video here. I was kinda waiting there in the hope that the lead singer (ja that guy from linkin park! :D) was coming out, but the drummer said he already left. I still wanted to take a picture with the drummer, so I asked him and he was like really hugging me like a teddy bear, BUT camera batteries died -fail no3-. I was like: 'Too bad, Too bad'

I was still waiting for some other bandguys to come out, and there was one guy who came and there was a girl with him. She was like walking all cool behind him and then PLOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSH she fell into the water -fail no4-
I wanted to laugh, but people were like: Help her! So, I helped (at least I tried, I wasn't really strong enough to push her up) It was kinda high, but the water had the height of 1 meter I guess. Funny shizzle actually, her vest and some things were still floating there.

We stayed there for 5 to 10 minutes more and then I said that I was happy enough and that we could go home.

So, in the end.. it was all fun and worth the extra little waiting and pushing and whatever!

-fail no1- : we could've walked in without waiting.
-fail no2-: I could've been on stage with Cobra Starship, I could've been captured with them on videos, pictures and just ROCKING OUT there.
-fail no3- : I could've taken a picture with the drummer of Dead By Sunrise
-fail no4- The girl who fell in the water, was walking all cool and she thought that she could pass all the people and she took a big step, but that was a big step to failure into the water/river kind of things in Amsterdam

Pictures/Videos of Cobra Starship, Dead By Sunrise, Me and the girls will be soon on my upcoming blogposts.
But if you want to see more you can also find them on my youtube and flickr account.

My digital camera sucks/ Wait for my friends camera, I bet she has some good pictures!

For now, i'm gonna go get to bed and sleep. Another hour past away.

you know, ohmaygod

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