February 01, 2010

Hey Grammy.

The grammy's, I wanted to watch it, I heard it was amazing.
Lady GaGa ft Elton John, like whut?! Taylor winning Grammy's (YOU GO GIRL!)
The only thing I can do now is showing some outfits
update:more gaga

GaGa, you rock, Totally GaGa style, only she can pull this off.

Katy Perry and Russel Brand. Looking adorable - For you oliver.

Keri Hilson looks beautiful. Bodycon-mermaidish-nudecolored-blingish nice!

Wauw, looking good men! For you again oli xD

OH OH OH UPDATE -THANK GOD FOR TWITTER/YOUTUBE - check the Lady GaGa/Elton John mashup performance here or here under (i hope it's still on next day) IT'S AMAZING

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