February 02, 2010

Little Tour @ RTV Rijnmond

It's CHAOS-week at school again, that means: test, workshops and alot of deadlines.
Lucky me, I had everything last week and I am free this week.
Except for the workshop we háve to do. Last time I did some grafitti and this time I picked to go on a little tour at RTV Rijnmond Rotterdam.

Here are the bad quality phone pictures + description :D


1. This is the place when you get in. Nothing special haha.
2. TV studio, where they do the news. (Just 1 hour of filming live everyday at 5 p.m. and then they repeat it all day long till it's 5 p.m. again)

3. Green Screen for the forecast
4. Control panel room - or whatever xD

5. Place where they film the sport items
6. It wás their lounge.

7/8 Room where sometimes bands play and if they want audience, this room is for that.

Live on Radio:

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