March 20, 2010

H&M: ''The Garden Collection''

Last month I saw an article on girlscene about the H&M garden collection. Few days ago the collection came out online and -of course- the nicest things were sold out. Maybe it's good, because I really really have to stop buying things now. (pffff)
I'm getting really obsessed.

I put my favourite things together and all I can do is stare.
I actually don't really like flowers though, but when it comes to clothes and
accessoiries I noticed that I did bought some things with flowerpints.

I like the simple rose-accents on these clothing pieces:


So, tell me.. did you buy or really love (like me) something from this collection?

3 reactions:

Demelza said...

Ik vind dat jurkje met die ruches/bloemetjes op de schouder zoo leuk!

Daarnaast, ik heb je een award gegeven op mijn weblog. Rechts, even naar beneden scrollen! :)

- said...

Ik ben zo verliefd op die collectie echt ahmahga!

Esmaa said...

yep. i loved the collection too, i bought the dress with wide sleeves. you can see more on my blog, i've post it! i liked the white dress too, didn't bought it though coz they were sold out! ohmygosh.