March 15, 2010

Hair, meet scissors.


Yeah, I cut my hair yesterday
(I did it first and then my dad re-cut it, he always cuts my hair xD)
I was doubting about doing it, but in the end I listend to some people
who I was talking to at that moment (ahum, oliver,kim,tamtu & mom)
I made a video on my iphone, looks stupid haha!
I know, I've waited for long time to get my hair long like I had it 2 days ago (mai, lan i know i know)

But, well what ya think?

5 reactions:

Gloria said...

awesome! looks good :)

- said...


Serena said...

Love the new do. I don't have the guts to but my hair short. =/ I always find it too hard to manage.

Caroline said...

I liiiike :)

Paula said...

Staat je allebei erggg goed!

Like it ^^