March 18, 2010

Look Today #8: Mom, I'm not catholic.


It was such a nice weather today!

Yesterday I went to primark again and I bought a t-shirt and some accessories as you can see! Very cheap, I like.
It was funny how my mom was immediately like: ''That's a Catholic necklace!''
and I was like; ''Mom, a cross is a cross chill'' and my dad just laughed.

I'm also wearing my new baggy (looks more like a harem pants to me) jeans.

Cross Necklace, Ring, Bracelet, Shirt @ Primark
Baggy Jeans @ Zara
Wedges @ H&M

3 reactions:

Myo said...

love your outfit.

Phuong said...

Je ziet er leuk uit cath ;). Het was gezellig vandaag :D

MYMY said...

Ik heb die wedges, maar helaas zijn ze al kapot..
Love them jeans!