March 23, 2010

Paris, When Will We Meet Again


I want the summer again!
this was in 2009.
Do you all got some summer vacation plans?

4 reactions:

Sjaar said...

I have no vacation plans! But sure going to take a trip to Paris or London! Love your photos!

Phuong said...

Geweldig lijk mij Paris!! Hele leuke foto cath ;)

Anonymous said...

oeff these pictures make me want to go to Paris again this year! but aa, the money... I'm going with 9 girls to Mallorca, our last holiday together :(

well, I still got 8 weeks school left, then a few exams (no clue if thats the way to say it) and then summer holidays! can't wait to get a tan 0:)

What are you going to do?
xxx, Marion

ohmaygod said...

@Marion oeeeeeeh sounds nice nice!
last year in high school?

I don't know, I'm only gonna go to Berlin for a few days I guess. Not really plans!