March 24, 2010

Sephora Make-Up

After hanging out with my friends, we went to the store V&D at 18:00 something.
There was a pre-sale (believe me, when the sale is officially.. it's a MADNESS in that store).
My friends had an VIP card or whatever.
The Sephora make-up was on sale too!
I never used this brand before, but I heard that it was good.

I bought
- Color Palette Eyeshadow
- Blush me Twice Blusher
- Eyeliner
- Automic Volume Mascara

Have you used this brand before?

2 reactions:

Sarah said...

Wauw, mooie oogschaduw zeg!

christine ◘ tie me a bow said...

I really like your blog, A LOT! (found through your friend phuong) going to follow now!

I have no used any of the Sephora products you purchased, but I have used others. Most are pretty good, but some not so much. I have their eyeliner, and it's the best. Hopefully all those products will be good to you.

I was wondering where you found your star pictures there to the right? I am looking for similar images to merge. If you would let me know I'd appreciate it.

Have a lovely weekend.