March 29, 2010

These, these, Adidas..

Oh em geee,
a friend of my brother tweeted this to me,

I LOVE THEM! It's from the Jeremy Scott collection.
He also said that there is a new Adidas store in Rotterdam
(why didn't I know that?!) anyways, I am blogging via
my IPhone now, yes cost alot of time for a little blogpost
with uploading the image and stuff.

Well, i just had to blog this, cause these are just awesome!!

I need some sleep now, stupid monday.

Good night bloggers

xoxo you know, ohmaygod

3 reactions:

christine ◘ tie me a bow said...

Hi May!

Wow, these shoes are so vibrant! As creative as they are, I think I'd never be able to pull them off.


christine ◘ tie me a bow said...

P/S: Thank you for the starry sky image source!

Je t'adore said...

awesome! ik ken iemand die dezelfde heeft maar dan in het zwart :3