March 25, 2010

Zara Wegdes

Yesterday I recieved my first Pay check, so this morning
I decided to go to Rotterdam and search for some wedges and Zara had them!
It was the only thing that I bought today, cause they were kinda expensive.
They're like 11 CM or something. So that makes me taller -yay-

Do you love them as much I love them?
(oliver, I know you already hate them muhaha <3)

8 reactions:

Phuong said...

Die zijn geweldig!!

Sarah said...

Ik ben jaloooeeers.. Geweldig!

Toan Nguyen said...

killers O.O

Sjaar said...

Die zijn echt heel leuk!

Shannon | Kid From The West said...

Looks really nicee, what more can I say..

xoxo Shannon

Anonymous said...

Ik heb ze ook, zijn een van mn fav paar shoes

Lisa said...

really nice!
We got look-a-like shoes but still different in some kinda way, haha

Rae said...

I'm so jealous of them I may have to steal them from you :D

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