April 14, 2010

Hey Hey, Grey Grey

I said I wasn't going to blog, but I'm at school at the moment.
We got a 2 day workshop from the subject 'Media&Creativity' today's the last day.

It's all about co-creation. (pfffff)

Well, I saw these loveley wedges before.. I almost orderd them in black,
but yesterday I saw them in grey. Now I want them more.

It's just a 'want'. I'm not gonna buy it :(

4 reactions:

Lisa said...

ja die zag ik ook! Op Asos right?
Ik zag ze 1 keer en daarna kon ik ze niet meer vinden, weird.. haha

Sjaar said...

die zijn echt leuk ja.

Joanna said...

i think, the black wedges will be as amazing as these grey :)

Shannon | Kid From The West said...

thanks furr the comment bebe<3
outfit post is op mn bloggiee
xoxo shannon