April 27, 2010

The Hills Final Season

Seriously, I have to go to bed. (1.30 atm xD)
School starts tomorrow again (luckely at 14.00), BUT I couldn't sleep
and I just saw the preview of the new season of The Hills.
I just had to blog this, cause I can't wait to watch it tomorrow (today)!
Hope it's gonna be online then!

Are you gonna watch it online or wait till it comes on tv?!


4 reactions:

AC said...

I don't know, i think i'm gonna wait till it comes on tv, but i actually can't wait. Haha, i like the part when Heidi and the mother are kinda 'fighting' about her surgery. It's so funny with her stupid duck-face. The picture is by the way really pretty, don't you think?

Sjaar said...

bloggen is altijd goed als je niet kan slapen haha. Normaal kijk ik het niet maar er beloven een paar spannende stukjes te komen dus misschien.. Ga ik toch even stiekem kijken haha.

Joelle said...

Online! Vandaag komtie in Amerika op TV he? Ik kan echt niet wachten tot morgen tot ie op mtv.com staat haha.

En leuke blog heb je, ik volg je en zet je bij mn "mustsees"


ohmaygod said...

@ AC yea, the picture is pretty! though if you really look closely it's kind off fake haha!