April 30, 2010

Just because

It's QUEENSDAY in Holland.
I don't know why we celabrate it actually. (celabrate the birthday of our previous queen?...)
But, for most of the people it means, hanging out in the big cities
where there are alot of things to do.

Oh, and alot of beer, party and ORANGE.

I'm not really a fan of Queensday.
I'm going to work today (double payed ka-ching $$).
To be in a little 'Queensday' mode I painted my nails orange. Nice huh?

HAVE A NICE DAY. i hope the weather will turn out better!

2 reactions:

Joanna said...

great, i've got the same polish nail :)

Tessa said...

ben het met je eens haha, ik hou ook niet van al dat oranje gedoe,
leuke blog trouwens!