May 07, 2010

Dot, Dot, Dot

Today (actually yesterday now, it's 2.00 o'clock)
I met up with my new project group in Rotterdam (I'll post another blogpost sometime for more information ;)) After that, I met up with Phuong and Mai at the H&M.
Mai wanted to return the dotted jumpsuit, but I bought it from her.. hihi
A month ago I said I wanted the animal printed one, but it's not that pretty :(
OH! and I really really love my blazer, look at the shoulder thingies..
my dad btw picked it out! haha <3

Dotted Jumpsuit @ H&M
Blazer @ Only

3 reactions:

Phuong said...

je ziet er mooi uit de de jumper :D

Joelle said...

Leuke blazer zeg!

Serendipity/ Anne Sophie van der Burg said...

wouw mooie blazer !!