May 11, 2010

My Heart Is Yours, Justin Nozuka

hihi, I just went to the concert this evening in Rotterdam.

Justin Nozuka was amazing.
He is sooo good live, even better on the cd! (that's what I told him too!)

Thanks to Lisa and Kim I'm a fan. He is sooo goooooooooood omgosh xD

It was really fun, just chill, music everthing.
okay, except for the crowd.. the crowd was lame.
The only highlight was after each song everyone clapped and cheered.
Oh and when I yelled:'' HOW ARE YOU TODAY '' and he responded.

Video's are coming up tomorrow (today :X) cause I have to sleep now...
school tomorrow morning .__.
This tired monday was all worth it!

5 reactions:

JustNorman said...

no homo, nozuka makes me melt like a little girl. the whole album is beautiful.


Phuong said...

Leuke fotos cath! hahah en jij weet wel goed aandacht te trekken van sterren hoor ;)! leuk dat je met hem op de foto staat!

Anonymous said...

Don't know the guy :$ But where is your top from? I Like it!

Lana. said...

Oeh hij mag er wel wezen :D!

ohmaygod said...

@Anonymous haha, well NOW YOU DO! :D It's from the brand Obey watch this and you can see how it looks ;)