July 15, 2010

I'm still alive

Only I am very lazy.
As for my previous post.. Holland lost the final from Spain :(
I watched the game with a friend of mine in her city with her friends, it
was very fun! Only the part when they lost was sad ._.

I also went to the zoo last weekend and had a nice barbecue with church!
Yesterday I went to an amusement park 'de Efteling' and that was total fun.
I made a video of it, so if you're bored... watch it!

I got vacation now, and still got things open for school, but well.. i'm not
gonna think about it!!!

So that's what i've been up too kinda. These upcoming 2 weeks I will be working everyday,
I need the money! After that I will go to Berlin for a week and then stay over in Germany
at some relatives. I might get lazy more and not post new things, but I will keep u guys updated!

Enjoy your vacation xoxo

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Phuong said...

leuke foto en filmpje cath!