July 31, 2010

I've been sick, working and packing

yes, these last 2 weeks i've been sick (stomach flue ish.. still not over -_-)
working and these last days i've started to pack for my holiday in Berlin!

I'm going to a sort off camp for european vietnamese christians and
going old -friends- + new people there. I'm excited,
I think i'm done with packing now and will leave tonight round 11 p.m.
so that will be sleeping in the car! and not to mention my 1 year anniversairy with my boyfriend on august the first!

I will come back with pictures and lots of new things i hope!

and I will post some outtakes pictures from phuong in next post that
I shot with another friend yesterday :)



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Anonymous said...

Ik ben jaloers op jou mooie kleding en schoenen en.. alles!

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Beautiful pictures


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