September 12, 2010

Finally, I got you!

I finally got my vans, wich I've been craving for about maybe a year?
Last friday I thought, heck i'm just gonna buy them. I wanted grey ones,
but they were sold out everywhere.
And these were the onces i originally wanted anyways!

Top @ H&M
Tregging @ Zara
Vans Vulcanizer @ Pro Sport

6 reactions:

Phuong said...

leuk! En we moeten idd snel afspreken voordat Lieu en ik weg zijn!!

Elisa Lee said...

ahhh, die vans wil ik ook nog halen ='D, hoe duur zijn ze eignelijk?

Anonymous said...


Maria said...

The Vans pair is so cool! :)

I’m a new follower. Hope you can visit my blog and follow me back. Thanks!

Myo said...

yay May :D you got them :D
niice outfit >< totally like.

Yaela said...

Nice pictures!
Ik heb de zelfde vans, ze zitten echt super (: