October 13, 2010

Justin Bieber for OPI

Maybe you've heard it already, OPI comes with a nailpolish collection inspired by the Justin Bieber.
The collection is called: ''One Less Lonely Girl''.

From left to right:
1. One Less Lonley Girl
2. Me+Blue
3. O.M.B!
4. Prized Posssssion Purple
5. Give Me The First Dance
6. Step 2 The Beat Of My Heart

I really like 1,2 and 6!

Kinda weird that Justin Bieber's got a nailpolish collection. But
it's a good marketing strategy, cause all the little beliebers will be buying this for sure!

What do you think about all this?

3 reactions:

fashion flavours said...

Ik wist niet dat je ook nagellak kon ontwerpen, en ja best raar dat justik Bieber dat doet, en dan vind hij het gek dat ze hem voor meisje uitmaken.. Hmm, tjsa eigen schuld hoor.

- said...

maar een beetje gay hoor

Maddalena said...

haha, funny idea!