February 07, 2010

Clothes Check: Katy Perry #1

Let's check out the clothes on Katy's last video: 'If We Ever Meet Again' with Timbaland.

Red lipstick still hot! I love the accent on her jacket.

Big white sunglasses matches her jacket.
A simple bracelet and look at her leather handgloves!

I think this outfit looks prettier in the music video!

Not the usual colored, sparkly, fruity as her other video's. Clean (haha what you call 'clean') but still Katy style.

I love it!

Me and Lisa are gonna cover this song! New 'The Thiens' video will come up soon!

3 reactions:

Anonymous said...

do anybody knows the name of her sunglasses???

Anonymous said...

it ray ban

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the designer of that fabulous jacket?