June 23, 2010

Before I forget

You guys,
My macbook isn't payed off yet and i'm already shopping like crazy.

Last month I worked alot, so that means that I received goood money.
I went to the bank with my mom and she told me she went to 'all'
the stores. So I asked her if she went to H&M, but she didn't.
I forced her to go there with me cause of the SALE.
In the end she bought a really nice blouse and I bought 2 items.

I really want to show you what I've bought, but i caaaaan't
freaking homework! tomorrow i got an english test, so after that
it's not that stressy anymore.

and my Asos shoes has been send to it's new owner :)!

I hope my Asos delivery gets in tomorrow or friday, so get ready for
new blogpost!

I will try to save up my money for my week in berlin in august,
I will shop like crazy there!!

xoxo may

if there was one person I would want to look like,
then it would be pixie lott. SHE IS SO PRETTY! *_* love her style and music!

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