June 21, 2010

excuse for something orange

On saturday Holland played against Japan with the worldcup and they won with 1-0 yay!
But for work they asked us to wear something orange, that would be fun and stuff,
but I don't own anything fashionable orange. So that morning I went to the stores and looked
for something, but there wasn't really something.

I bought this shirt (it's peachy, but well...) at Only and had 20% off cause Holland played that day
& I'm signed in with their online-web club whatever shizzle!

AND i bought 2 items at H&M on sale, but I'll post that another time!
now, back to my homework -____-

have a nice week!

5 reactions:

Lana. said...

Leuk :D, ben benieuwd naar je sale aankoopjes van de Hennes.
Plus, mooie header heb je!

Anonymous said...

I really like and love your style.
For so long.
your really a creatif girl.


ItsMeRoxy said...

Lovely Blog
I'm following you!

Anonymous said...

dat is zalmkleurig
niet oranje :$

ohmaygod said...

als je leest zie je ook dat ik zeg dat het peachy is xD