August 29, 2010

I'm a Monki Girl, in a Monki world

My day in Amsterdam was fun, I will post more pictures later on.

I went to the Monki store and it is my new favourite store!
I got the first 2 shirts from my boyfriend (thaaanks <3) and
after a while I had to go to the store again to buy the black/white printed t-shirt,
and I ended up with the other t-shirt too.

I also asked the woman who worked there how the opening party was and
she said it was crowded and alot of fun. (But that's what you hear from all the
fashion/blog sites who have been there!) They really really got nice stuff,
so if you got the chance to go to Amsterdam, you should really check out the store.
Not only the clothes, but the store itself is really light, with alot of mirrors, colorful and cool!
(Or somewhere in Germany, Sweden ETC)

So here are my tops:


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Anonymous said...


Phuong said...

leuke dingen!

fashion flavours said...

super! Ik zou met mijn moeder naar Amsterdam als ze die nieuwe h&m hebben, dus dan ga ik zeker naar monki! =D

Lana. said...

Leuke buys!
Ik was er zaterdag oook :D en de winkel is inderdaad cool én lang haha!
Ben alleen thuis gekomen met het zwart-wit shirtje, maar ga er zeker nog wel een xtje langs ;).